Saturday, 25 July 2009

Automatic doors make me feel like a Jedi.

PeePee is his name-oh!
PoPo's doggie :D (PoPo = Maternal Grandma)

Today was all about the animals. :P

Jenny was a total Petster.
Petster = Pet Loving Gangster. :D

My attempt at doing a "Petster" pose. Failed miserably.
I had to wear that tag all day btw! Haha!

My official story is that I was not provided a fake ID to loiter around the Rave2Save bazaar, but that I was there representing YSK as publicity media for Petster mag's corp - Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, a non-profit dog rehoming company. :D Which is technically true, since I did a nice blog post about the bazaar as soon as I got home: *Click here to see pics and more!*

The lizard that Jen borrowed from Lizard Owner.

Funny shirt from

I loved going around all the booths and browsing through the stuff anonymously. :D I don't think anyone recognised me as YSK, except the people who are my friends. Yay!

I was just lounging at Mei's booth (SeriouslySerious) most of the time, tortured by the internal battle of To Buy Or Not To Buy over The Item from MyFavouritees (Jeremy's booth). Btw, Mei's brought back such awesome stuff from Bangkok! Including maxi dresses (not quite long enough for me) and acid-wash dresses. Oooh.

The Item.
I love their tank tops! And this particular one...

Conclusion: I bought it. :P

It's a Michael Jackson tank top! Such a total must-have, and it was a charity bazaar after all - good to support the vendors who support the Save The Animals cause! :D

Such a lovely tank top, seriously - it's long, and the back is so cool. It's black and white stripes. Reminiscent of my fave MJ song! The fit is great, too. :) It'll be my 2009 souvenier piece...

Mei gave me a badge. Aww so sweet right? :D It says "Automatic doors make me feel like a Jedi". I stood there laughing at it for the longest time. Totally gonna wear it to uni and stand in front of automatic doors.