Thursday, 27 August 2009

Sweet dreams (are made of these).

This is not my puppy :(

They are, they truly are. It figures that I'd take more than 20 years to finally appreciate Annie Lennox. :P Always loved the song, never knew who was the singer (or the title, even - which made it that much harder to Google).

I've decided that after I've milked YSK for all the learning curves it can offer me, I'm going to embark on a whole new adventure: Vlogging. I've been loving YouTube that much more over the past few months - and so bloody inspired by whizkids the like of Charlie McDonnell.

I figure, by the end of this semester, I'll know some basics of filming and editing - and then over the long summer holidays, I can wrap things up with the unexpected (mini-) success of YSK and move on to my next big idea. :D I want to learn to film videos and edit them, and post them up on YouTube! Imagine making short films or just lame home videos as well. How interesting! :D

All that, while insisting on a compulsory family vacation and a mandatory internship somewhere. :) Made compulsory and mandatory by me, of course. Not Monash. Some universities and colleges make it compulsory for students to do internships, but Monash doesn't seem to be the least bit worried about what we do with ourselves over the break... as long as we get those Distinctions and High Distinctions during the semester. :(

I wonder what kind of job/internship I should do this summer:
(A) Academic-based (unfortunately, I haven't found any opportunities for academic-based internships ever since RARA-ing with Kai Ing and Mark for Chin-Huat's research project)
(B) Labour-based (e.g. waitressing? shelving? A part of me loves the idea of doing some hard physical work - but another part of me thinks I should probably pick something a little more realistic... I think I'd be breaking more plates than washing them, and quitting at the first hint of having to wash a toilet or clean someone's vomit)
(C) Charity-based (shall I return to ARROW for another summer? or pick a new NGO? or volunteer at a shelter? maybe for weekends?)
(D) Laziness-based (i.e. NOTHING. eat, sleep, watch TV, surf the Internet and shit. oh wait, that's what I do during the semester. LOL.)

A life made up of summer holidays is a perfect life. But I guess if it weren't for the shitty things students have to do during the semester, summer holidays wouldn't be so gloriously appreciated. :P

Uni stress for students is like work stress for adults. Adults always think uni isn't as stressful, but it really is. It's because of the whole times-are-changing thing. We've heard the classic laments of "Enjoy school because work is hell" etc etc - but I actually think that work is gonna be great. It's picking your one true vocation, and then you can do other things outside office hours. :D Sometimes I get gripped with horror because I have no idea what I want to do with my life after studying - and I hate it when people ask me, so please stop asking me (which is why I hate family gatherings most of the time... when they prod me with 20001883913 questions everytime they see me) - but I hear the world is supposed to end in December 2012, so I think I'll worry about my "future" when it comes.

I watched this really, really boring documentary about Nostradamus and the whole Doomsday 2012 thing with mum and dad the other night... and I think everyone just fell asleep 20 minutes into it. But I'm looking forward to watching "2012" at the end of this year. Hopefully that one won't bore us to tears.

On another really random note, because when I end this blog post I have to get back to my 1,500-word essay on Marxism and its funky friends, I always knew bubble dresses make my butt look more massive than it already is, but for some reason, I'm so in love with a particular bubble dress that I even got a second one (in a different design).

And now I want a ruffled dress and a toga dress. Told you life without goals isn't life at all. :P I think I'm one of those high-maintenance people who like to think they're low-maintenance. Or maybe I'm low-maintenance but like to think I'm high-maintenance but thinks I'm low-maintenance. But I can maintain myself without anybody's help.

Oh, poopers. I've run out of crap to spin and now I have to get back to my essay. :( It's due at noon on Friday, have I mentioned?