Sunday, 11 October 2009


Why am I always putting myself in this position? It's Sunday night, and for some whacky reason, I've conveniently forgotten that I have a Media Texts presentation bright and early in the morning. Remember that article about Big Brother? Yeah, I'm on Page 2 of 20 now. DAMN IT! What a perfect way to ruin an otherwise wonderful weekend.

But so that I won't forget what a good weekend it was (before this ridiculously thick article spoils it), here's a run-down! :P

Dinner with Shang and Anis after Malaysian Cinema tutorial! Where else other than Nando's in Pyramid? Other than the annoying cab drivers who refused to drive us to Pyramid (until one dude finally lamented), it was a superb dinner. :P My meal including taxes: RM15. Cab ride there: sponsored by Anis. :P Cab ride home: I paid RM5.

Shangari & Anis at Nando's.

After dinner, Shang and I went to watch a play in uni! It was called "Pursuit of Happiness", starring one of our classmates. :D Theatre tickets: RM10 each. Came with complimentary snacks, drinks, and flowers! We were supposed to throw them on to the stage at the end of the play, but Shang refused and collected an entire bouquet to bring home. :P

The play, which was about sex, death, friendship, and adultery.

Also, I thought it was really funny at the end when some people really threw their flowers on to the stage below, because it looked like they were pelting the actors instead of complimenting them. LOL! Seriously, they threw them like how you throw popcorn at people. Hahahaha.

Another Friday delight: Flaunts is sending me a pink beanie in exchange for advertising! :D And so ends my hunt for beanies. :P I found a different one in Forever 21 today, but it looked more like a grey head sock than a beanie. Haha.

Beanies from Flaunts


My Saturdays are usually used up preparing blog posts for the week for :P Yesterday's workload was especially challenging because it involved some tricky feature pieces. And I didn't get to finish the whole week's posts, which sucks, because I'm going to have to do the remainder on the days they're scheduled to be published.

But I did borrow a couple of DVDs from my film lecturer, Mr Ben(jamin McKay), and I showed Mummy "13:17" by Sasitharan Rajoo. You can watch it here: *Click!*

If you have 13 minutes and 17 seconds to spare, please watch it! It's hilarious and very good - and you'll be showing some love for local Malaysian film-makers. :D I also borrowed "The Beautiful Washing Machine", a feature film by James Lee, but I haven't had time to watch it yet! :( And I told him I'd return everything on Monday. Dang it.


Sushi with Mummy! :) Sushi Zanmai is practically the only place I go to eat sushi - whether with family or friends.

And then we went grocery-shopping in the rest of 1-Utama - before gatecrashing Forever 21 so I could look at all the prices for their stuff. :P I've been comparing prices between, Forever21 Korea, a couple of Forever21 online sprees, and so today I finally went to the actual physical Forever 21 outlet to see where the best deals were.

Then I realised it's actually cheaper in the physical outlet than the online sprees. And also, luckily I found the exact same floral bustier top that I was nearly gonna buy online - because I tried it on today, and surprise surprise, it totally doesn't zip up at all! And it was RM89 in the physical outlet, but the online sprees quoted me prices over RM100.

BUT anyway, I won't be getting anything from Forever 21 until next year at the earliest, because I'm on a personal mission NOT to buy any new clothes for the rest of this year! It's like a really really really worthy sacrifice -

And you know why? :D

Besides my NLP where I'm trying to lose 20 kg by year end so I'm not splurging on fitting stuff in case they don't fit later - I bought this really gorgeous indigo-coloured cardigan today. :P

It was a part of Marks & Spencer's new Indigo Autumn Fashion collection. And I seriously, seriously love it. I spent 30 minutes trying on all the sizes - one of the best things about them is that they have sizes from 6 to 20! And I wasn't gonna buy it because of the price (which I won't state here :P) but I stood staring at it for 10 minutes, practically willing the numbers to change (they didn't) - and then Mummy said that if I really like it, I should buy it because I earned my own money.


And I'm also not gonna buy any more new clothes for the rest of this year - I'm serious! - because I kinda have enough. :P I've reinvented my entire wardrobe in less than 12 months. Heeee! Mission accomplished! Not to mention the vast majority of my belongings have been hard-earned through advertising - which means no money used in the process. :D

Anyway, today's purchase brings my grand total of Marks & Spencer items to four: a grey knitted cardigan, a blue cropped cardigan, an indigo boyfriend wool cardigan, and a pair of MagicKnickers. :D Hey, don't laugh, MagicKnickers are seriously Magical okay! Just read what that Yahoo! Answers page says. ;P

What cardigans from Marks & Spencer usually look like. :)

I guess it's okay to invest in quality cardigans since I wear them all the time. :D And because they last a long, long time! And because I'm not buying any more clothes for the next 81 days! :P

Final note - Charmin convinced me to join a contest that she's having, where you submit a photo of yourself with stuff from her blogshop. :P

This is my lame contest entry.