Friday, 30 April 2010

Tuesdays with Andrew (not Morrie)

"Okay, okay ... you got me!"

I can't decide which I feel the most nervous about:
  • Conducting all my interviews and filming tomorrow in Assunta for a journalism assignment, instead of having Labour Day off to chillax at home.
  • Receiving my authorship assignment results on Tuesday afternoon. Dr Andrew said only two students got HD, five students got D, everyone else got C and P - and 10% of the class failed. The curiosity (and foolish hopefulness) is eating away at me.
  • Having another two impending deadlines, International Studies (13th May: group essay on globalization, women's rights & gender inequality in Malaysia) and Policy (21st May: 2250 words about a policy issue I've yet to choose. Grrreat!).
  • Another big journalism assignment takes the form of an online debate, for which my team of three has been assigned a fourth member who we've never heard of or seen before.
  • A major International Studies research essay due on the 1st of June, which I know nothing about and have no energy to find out about until I get everything else done.
  • On top of everything else, there are minute journalism assignments running up my nose - bite-sized Blackboard postings due every week, constant little changes to the website, etc.
  • And finally, this semester will end with three exams from 18th - 25th June.
Everything above is to be done within the next FOUR weeks, except the exams.

All I really want to do is curl up somewhere cosy and keep reading Sartre's autobiography until I finish it. The autobiography, of course, is compulsory reading for Authorship. And we'll be getting back our big Authorship essay on Tuesday. And the space between now and Tuesday is very very far, because I have so much to do before Tuesday.

Also, last week in tutorial, Dr Andrew asked, "Who is Pung Sha-Lene?" When someone asked the standard "why u want to know?", he said he read through my essay (although he hadn't marked it yet at that point) and then when my friends called him sadistic for making me obsess about it, he said, "Don't worry, your essay is quite okay."

And now a billion questions are doing the bunny hop in my mind.
What in the world does "Quite okay" mean by Dr Andrew's standards??
Why did he single me out??
Why did he read through my essay if he wasn't marking it yet? So he hadn't even graded my essay yet, what if my horrified expression affected his marking? I swear to you that I did not print my cover sheet on bright yellow paper - a temptation I constantly overcome!
Why did he want to know who I am?
I guess I'll find out on TUESDAY.