Saturday, 10 April 2010

Death by Essays

If the journey of my big essay on Romantic authorship theory and psychoanalysis is from A to Z, I'm still at the letter A. It stands for AAAAAAAARGH.

On a more positive note, a lot of things happen when I'm busy not doing my work.

1) Malaysian Mirror called me a Bloghead!

Click here for my article | Click here for the article where the photo was from

Luckily, I googled myself today. I was surfing the Internet when I suddenly discovered that my first article for Malaysian Mirror is up already! Haha! It was kinda without-warning coz I thought they'd reply me with feedback or comments and stuff, but turns out they didn't - so it was a (nice) surprise to find my article on their website. :D

2) Datin called this a studded Pos Ekspres envelope

theWhacko by glossyaddiction, RM65


Thank you soooo much to Charmin for selling it to me with advertising! :D All my coolest bags are from Charmin. :D Heheheee! Plus I don't have a red bag, so I think I deserve to earn one. :P And also coz I just sold my funkiest studded bag (not the burgundy bucket bag) in Captain Obvious.

3) Swap, win, shake

Photo credits to ClothesForFun

Dawn wants my beige lace dress so I'm swapping it for her yellow maxi dress (pictured above). :D It's so awesome to just swap your clothes with your friends, no?

Aaaand thank you to Nuffnang for scoring me two tickets to Date Night! :D

Aaaaand I miss An Nie so much, and I'm feeling super guilty for not calling in forever, so I will TOTALLY call her after I finish my essay next week!