Tuesday, 25 May 2010

2250 words to paradise.

Well, not exactly paradise. But I've just finished my last Online Journalism assessment for the semester (yayyyy!) and am now going to live and breathe 2250 words for my Policy essay until it's done.

And I have to finish it before I go to sleep tomorrow night, seeing as how it's due on Thursday. Bah. After that, I just have my International Studies essay (due next week Friday instead of Tuesday, yay!) - and three exams to study for :D

Maybe the non-existent Angel of Shoes will get me this pair of lovelies for good behaviour :D But just in case she's busy, I'm on it already! I've been meaning to do a product review on shoes for quite some time now :P But of course, if the shoes don't fit me (I'm getting them in size 39), one of you lucky size 38 friends of mine get to have them ;)

Oxford-inspired cutout peeptoe wedges from Agape Boutique

There was a bazaar in school today - yes, I love shopping so much that I actually go to a university where bazaars are regularly held, LOL - but I didn't buy anything. I was tempted to get an RM35 shiny tank dress, a pair of RM15 geek glasses (for Thursday's Nerding It Up Day), and an RM50 pair of five-inch Devil-Wears-Prada red heels. But I resisted temptation and didn't buy anything :P

... because I want to go shopping this Friday with Mummy. :D :D :D

PS: In case the financial police out there think I'm corrupting young, impressionable minds with an excessive love for shopping, don't worry! I actually keep a very detailed account of everything I spend and earn. It's colour-coded somemore. :D Ergo, I'm actually a good influence right? :P