Thursday, 13 May 2010

"To die or not to die?" said The Newspaper.

So here's the scoop.

BIG MIKE was finally given the boot today! I missed the past two weeks of Idol (including this week) thanks to endless assignments, but Mummy was kind enough to tell me that Michael Lynche is OUT! :D Whoever wins now - Lee, Crystal or Casey - as an avid AI fan I'm cool with any of them! :) Although I'm rooting for Lee Dewyze to win :P He reminds me of a hobbit.

Anyways! My Policy lecturer, Mr Callum, gave the entire class a third blanket extension (everyone say YAYYY!) because of our otherwise horrifically unreasonable deadline schedule this semester. All hail the Giver of Extensions! :D

Callum Gilmour, Saviour of Deadlines

So this gives me the precious, non-renewable energy known as Time. I'm devoting the next 3 days (including today) to fleshing out my arguments on why newspapers should not (or should) die. As part of my Online Journalism unit this semester, I have to do an online debate thing - four people on each team, but we're graded individually based on our individual debate "speeches".

I'm kinda interested in this topic, so yeah. I'm looking forward to building my arguments. :D

The pain in the behind that remains for journalism this semester, however, is finishing up our website for the final version we're presenting and submitting next week.

Journalism debate and website, Policy major essay, International Studies major essay, and 3 exams. Then the semester is over! :D

Little Jenny FFK-ed our lunch again today, so Hammy and I assaulted her on Facebook instead:

Dr Andrew is always a popular tag topic on Facebook :P