Thursday, 3 June 2010

Law of attraction.

Five days, 2800 words, 25 sources, 13 pages, and many Twitter updates later ... I have finished my essay on the impact of economic globalization on developing countries. Serves me right for having the brilliant idea of taking 3rd-year International Studies as an elective.
me: i have this theory that if i act like i have a blackberry, i will have a blackberry
law of attraction!
Cynth: oh yah
thats wat i do to attain datin-hood
im still acting
me: pffft!! at least blackberry is attainable
datinhood is like so rare
at least if u aim for Datukship u can still get it
Datinhood is only if u marry a Dato
isnt it better to be a Dato urself??
Cynth: blackberry is sooo common that any indon who wants it
can eithe buy it or rob it
wats there to aim for!
me: hahahahah :( coz i dont have one
Cynth: u also dont have a lot of things
like a swimming pool in the house
a giraffe as pet
me: oh i should have continued my sentence haha
"coz i dont have one... and i want one"
i dont want a stupid giraffe
its useless and shits big shit
i would like a swimming pool but i dont wanna clean it
Cynth: it fertilises ur garden!
me: the animals fertilising ur garden is a big fat myth btw. my rabbit shits in 2 specific locations in the garden and the grass is dead in those 2 specific locations
and the rabbit is so small!
the giraffe will kill the orchids
Cynth: rabbit is different la
it doesnt even eat meat!
and giraffe does?!
Cynth: i duno
dont they eat birds?
Bird-eating giraffes aside, I'm going to my journalism tutorial tomorrow morning - after having skipped the lecture today, I don't know how to say sorry to my lecturer :S Or maybe he didn't even notice I wasn't there today! :D

Yes, I'm aware this is the first class I've skipped in my entire 2 years in Monash. Hahaha. But anyways! After class I'm going to chill out for a couple of days before starting exam preparations, or maybe just start off slow with the necessary work over the next 2 days :)

18th June - Cultural & Communications Policy exam (25%)
24th June - Globalization & Its Discontents exam (30%)
25th June - Authorship & Writing exam (50%)