Friday, 23 July 2010

bite me, edward cullen!

Mmm yes. After four days of doing nothing but reading Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn... I finally finished reading the Twilight series. :D And you know what? Despite the constant ribbing by nearly every book-loving friend I have, I honestly think the Twilight tale is the greatest love story ever written.

How could I think otherwise? The love that Bella and Edward feel for each other is so powerful, so selfless, and so real that at times I had trouble remembering that I was reading fiction. While my belief systems have intensely shifted in very recent weeks due to ... reality, I am thankful that someone, somewhere out there, was capable of imagining such wondrous love. Even if it doesn't exist in real life ... at least it existed, even if momentarily, in someone's mind. In this case, that someone is Stephenie Meyer.

While JK Rowling was more creative and witty with the Harry Potter books, Stephenie Meyer is unrivalled in her immortalising of love within the pages of the Twilight books. Seriously.

Anyway, in case you're not a new Twi-hard like I am, here are some back-to-school pictures :P

Welcome back to Malaysia, my one-of-a-kind Sri Lankan Sushikins!

I've been sampling a different BB cream everyday (for a review I'm working on YSK), and I have officially developed a dark humour about cosmetics now. ;) Jokes which, of course, are not commercially viable to be published. Lol.

Shangari. Nasi lemak. Yum! I've yet to eat that yet, this semester.

My Sri Lankan friends - Shark (left) and Sushi (right) :D They're in my TSMA (The Second Media Age) class, which is run by Mr Jeswant Singh from last semester's Online Journalism classes :) I'll bring a real camera next time... haha.

On other Monash-related news, Journalism Law class is quickly turning into one of my favourite new challenges! :) We're being taught by a litigator named Mr Ang Hean Leng. I was all ready to address him as "Mr Ang", but he introduced himself as "Hean Leng", so now I just say "Umm hi".

The most fascinating thing about being taught by a real-life litigator is probably the fact that he talks like a litigator! Hahaha! I've never met a litigator before, never got the chance to observe how they twist words around and bend a simple sentence six different ways. If there's a way to question your question or circle a square, a litigator will be your best bet. Remember, I'm not talking about paper-pushing attorneys-at-law who sign conveyance contracts all day, but an actual courtroom Ally McBeal-esque litigator. Whooooh! It's not that I'm a big fan of the law - but it's a healthy challenge :) Just to see if I can meet the whole "law" thing head-on. Unlike last time. And this time, it's on a much more minor scale.

If I can't handle one law unit after 18 months of drowning under law books in 2007/8 ... I shudder.

Anyway, it's one of my favourite little classes - look who else is in my class:

Stephanie Jacob. She's Shang's close friend, but this is my first time properly meeting her :D

Calyn. Ah, what would a journalism class be without this awesome girl with the sugar high? :D

Ai! :D She's in every single class I'm taking this semester - yay! Well, technically we're in different Marketing tutorials, but I think she's switching to mine as soon as she's allowed to :D

On a final note, some new observations on the new semester:

Observation 1: Either Shangari is toting a burnt-orange bag to match mine as a show of camarederie, or she's taken on a new sense of nerdiness altogether during the holidays :D

Observation 2: I challenge you to tell me the Myvi is not an exceedingly popular car on campus!

Observation 3: My Marketing 101 class is f-r-eaking huge. We're talking a whopping 500 students. Whoa!

Observation 4: Campus is not the same without good ol' Mr Benjamin McKay. :(

Notes from students outside his office door ...

Bulletin boards with his articles ...

Sweet-smelling flowers to grace the vicinity of his office.

Practically everyone I know has been leaving messages on the Facebook group created to remember him, but I can't bring myself to write a message and post it up for everyone - except him - to see. Writing it down makes it that much more painful. It also doesn't help that I'm mixing all the turmoil of other matters with this very tangible loss.

It's been an awful month. I hope yours has been better. And this blog post is so pent-up and long because my Internet's been cut for the past four days... and I just got it back :P

*All photos in this post taken with my cellphone cam :) Best to maximize use of my trusty Sony Ericsson before I eventually betray it for a smartphone! :P