Wednesday, 14 July 2010

"It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err." -Gandhi

I don't understand why thunder is rumbling in the sky when it's hot and sunny outside. Anyway, here are some photo-highlights from last week's trip to Korea. :)

Highlight #1: Shopping in Incheon

The place was pretty huge, maybe half the size of Sungei Wang Plaza - although very similar. :D Except that in Sg Wang there can be really hideous clothes and shoes - but in Incheon, the designs were up-to-date and very much gorgeous! Also, everything was good quality - even if it was cheap. Can't wait for the day that happens in Malaysia :P

As stylish as the outfits were, I didn't buy any clothes - my mission was to buy shoes, and shoes I did buy! :D You can enlarge any photos in this blog post for a clearer view, just in case you feel like zooming in on any particular pairs ;)


After the first five minutes there, I realised how severely I had underestimated the amount of gorgeous shoes there are in Korea.

Racks and racks ...

Shop after shop ...

As far as your eye can see, you can see SHOES!

... ohmyshoeness ...

Drooling yet?

I know, right?!

But the strange thing about me is that when given too many choices, I almost always end up choosing nothing. Of course, this time I didn't choose nothing - but I just bought four pairs of wedges :P

Yayyy very high new shoes! :D

Highlight #2: Supermarket Culture
One of the quickest ways to get to know a place is probably by visiting its local supermarket :P One of the things I noticed is that there are sampling counters every stone's throw away from each other, so you can't possibly starve in a Korean supermarket. Unless you don't eat meat - in which case you might starve. Hahaha.

You know the place you insert the coin into, so you can take the trolley? :P Theirs is kinda cool - you place the coin in the tray and then push the tray in. Haha! I dunno why, but I was quite fascinated. So I took a picture.

I like bread.

They have a lot of meat. A lot! And no meat is banned there, so there's a lot of pork too :P

Probably one of the reasons why authentic Korean barbecues are world-famous!

"Pork chops"! :D I had this meal twice out of the 3 times I went out to eat in Korea. LOL.

Highlight #3: Things that made me LOL

Where do I look?! Check out the tuition centre's ad - faces of students on a billboard!

The convenience store named "Buy The Way" - genius!

Highlight #4: Permanent World Cup Fever
Ever since, like, 2002 when Korea hosted the FIFA World Cup with Japan, their airport has been showcasing these footballs. But I can't help wondering... don't they need to change the entire glass casing every 3 years? It's going to run out of space soon.

Highlight #5: Flower garden
I'm not so much a nature-lover, but even I couldn't resist the beauty of the flower garden at the hotel. I actually took like a hundred photos of the flowers and the plants ... so I think I'd better spare you the bandwidth torture and upload them only in future :P

Some of my favourite shots:

My favourite plant: some sort of suede fruit, hehehe!


jean` said...

hey did u go on your own to korea?
i'm trying to decide if i should go because my friend's working there at the moment!!! aaah!! tempting!

Sha-Lene said...

Hi Jean! :)
Nope, I went with my parents, haha.
But if you can go, definitely go!!