Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Thank god for Wikipedia.

By some (cruel) twist of fate, I'm taking a unit on sports journalism this semester. That's right - sports. Something I know nothing about - kosong, zero, zilch! - and now need to take a crash course in so that I can do the quizzes, news stories, features and profiles. GRRR. It was supposed to be a Sports AND Culture unit - and I was banking on picking the Culture stream (Australian campuses have the option of choosing just one) ... But like I said, this was the hand that fate decided to deal. Fine. I'll deal with it!

Thank god for Wikipedia, at least. And YouTube! I'm assuming that's where I'll be watching most of the sports matches to write about. Because I don't even have the ASTRO sports channels. :( I don't even know where to begin, seriously - what match to watch, which sport in the first place, when? where? how? I feel utterly helpless and lost! I wish my fairysportsmaster would magically appear and point me in the right direction!

Hopefully by this time next week I'll be significantly less lost and irritated. Maybe there's a syllabus in place that I just haven't got a clear idea of yet. And maybe by the time this semester comes to an end, I'll be able to write news stories about sports if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to.

ANYWAY! Agitated ranting off my chest and out of the way, something surprising happened today when I was in the bookstore! :) I was about to buy the new textbook for Marketing 101 - when a dude hovering very close to the Marketing textbooks asked me if I was buying the Marketing book. I said yes, and he asked if I wanted to buy his book instead! :D Haha, like a scalper at a concert! Anyway, he had his book with him - it was practically brand new, with like 3 sentences underlined at some parts - and he wanted to sell it to me for half the price he bought it for. Joy! :D

So of course I bought it right away, hehe, but we had to take our deal outside the bookstore because, well, he was taking business away from the campus bookstore :P

It no longer looks like this, I wrote my name on white paper and taped it to the cover already :P And then I'll be compulsively tabbing the chapters I need so that there'll be no way of confusing my book with another student's in class :D (I'm sure that can happen, since all the books look exactly the same).

Uni work is starting to pile up (already!) so I'll have to be careful how much I love I give to YSK this semester, haha. I'm glad I didn't join any extra-curricular activities in uni - it's Clubs & Societies Week in Monash so the enthusiastic members have been going all out with performances and other bait to lure new members in :P Two semesters ago I used to still check out the booths, and at least TOY with the idea of joining something interesting like Bowling or Fencing (ha, ha!) ... but ever since I did nothing with my COSTA membership in my first semester at Monash (the only thing I did as a member was pay my RM5 membership fee, LOL!) and my membership on the campus magazine's editorial team went Bust!, I've lost interest in forking over lunch money to join an association I'll probably never make the time to do anything with :P

The gorgeous costumes at the Monash Performing Arts Club are so tempting...

Yeah, I guess I've officially personified how jaded third-year students can get. Haha! Of course, not everyone is as lazy as I am... there are tonnes of people who do a lot with uni associations. If you work your way high up enough, you could even get your own office. :D Oh no, that reminds me... student council elections are coming soon. More outrageously loud campaigning for several feverish weeks. It will be interesting to see, though, who will run for student council this year! :D Usually students in my beloved School of ASS will be so uninterested in running for student council positions that our reps are appointed "uncontested". LOL.

Playing dress-up has never looked more fun! Anime Club & MPAC way of promoting their clubs.

Before I wrap up this blog entry, here are some photos I'll be using in my upcoming product reviews on Your Shopping Kaki :)

Black kimono maxi dress from Lollysta

Left: Nose mask from PrettyLicious Babes
Right: DIY manicure kit from Supermodel's Secrets

Two of YSK's Guest Bloggers - Datin Diva and Michelle C. - will be doing reviews on a whole bunch of other products :) I'm super duper grateful to them for contributing to YSK. Phew!