Wednesday, 8 September 2010

"The Pin is mightier than the sword." - Fred Reinfeld, American chess master.

I may have just found a sport I actually like: chess!

Today, I learnt how to set up a chess board, to take some photos for my sports piece. Did you know the Queen is the piece that wears the crown? I always thought that was the King!

And after spending five hours transcribing an hour-long interview and three mini-interviews, ordinarily I wouldn't want to have anything to do with the subject matter for good. But this one's different - chess is definitely something I want to learn more about, even after this assignment is over! I'd like to learn to play chess, and then actually find people to play with :D

After wasting away two hours at the bank - oh Sartre, I hate going to banks, post offices and government departments! - and spending the rest of the day on lockdown to work on my assignment (which I'm going to stay up all night finishing until it's finished) ... a couple of colourful parcels arrived today to brighten the black-and-white text up! :)

Bow-back dress (I won't say maxi because it's like knee-length on me) from Baby Be Dazzled
Colourful floral maxi dress from Miss Aslyn

Also received a pair of jeggings from LalyLulu for an upcoming product review :D So comfy!

From Eff-Bombs: Paperdoll maxi dress, RM39 | Volkwagen tank top, RM36

Final note: I like these two clothes above, that Mei's just imported! I can imagine wearing that black paperdoll dress at knee-length or calf-length with my red sneaker boots or yellow gladiator sandals (which are arriving soon, lol :P). And a jacket. And the Volkswagen tank is simple to match with leggings, jeggings or skinnies when I finally find the perfect pair - but I only like it because it has yellow Volkswagens plastered all over it. Hahaha!

Sorry, I had to describe my imaginary outfits here because I'm trying to resist buying new things for the rest of this month :( Unless I go to a bazaar, in which case it's a waste of a trip if I don't at least buy the items I've been ogling :P