Sunday, 14 November 2010

Exams, I survived thee.

It's interesting to note that there's a tradition to go out with your exam comrades after exams and "do something". Some people go home to sleep, but I never sleep right after exams are over - it's like there are so many things to do other than sleep! :P

Five semesters into Monash, I've had steamboat with friends, a couple of quiet "it's finally over!" coffees with Jung Ai, fast food or dinners with Shang and Sushi, and last semester, arriving fashionably late to my family's own barbecue party.

This year was pretty hectic - in a fun way! - in that I probably decided to do too many things after the "The Second Media Age" ended on Friday afternoon :P

Anitt invited me to her Diwali open house party - and I'd never been to one before, so I definitely wanted to go! :D Her family is SO nice, seriously, and everyone there was just super duper friendly :) And the FOOD! Oh my Sartre! It was so delicious, from vegetarian fish to egg rice to a dish with purri bread that I can't recall the name of!

But I could only stay at the party for an hour! Awww. I already made non-changeable plans with Shang and Sushi - and it's tradition to celebrate with them too, hehe! Especially since my favourite Sushi was flying back to Sri Lanka at like 3am itself! So it was off to a place called "Republic" in Sunway! Although I would've personally preferred a night in Banana Republic instead of Republic the "Sexy Cocktail Bar", I guess a change of scenery is always good once in a while :D

I think the most fascinating thing about bars is the names of the drinks :D When I saw "Alice in Wonderland", I just had to try it!

It came in a tiny little glass that my friends egged me to go drink at one shot - maybe that's why it's called a "shot". I really didn't expect the throat-burning coughs that follow going bottoms up on a tiny little harmless-looking glass of what looked like apple juice! But it tasted nice :D Minus the burning.

Because I finished my tiny drink 30 seconds after the waiter served it to me, he came to our table, took my little glass and gave me an amused look before taking it away. LOL. I said to Shang, "I think the waiter judged me!" She agrees with me :P

Didn't help my case that I had to order another drink - this time a mojito!

It came filled with leaves. Which I started to pick out, before Shang explained that they were edible peppermint leaves :P

And Saturday was brunch with Tse Mun at Sakae Sushi! :D That's the belated birthday present I gave her, hehe! I'm so happy that she's BACK!

I haven't re-organized my room yet to free it from the "exam period tornado" that floods my workdesk and papers my walls, and I haven't done the YSK scheduling I need to do with all my blog posts - including product reviews and advertorials! There's just so much to be done, I'm really relieved I decided not to apply for a summer job right now! I don't even have today to sort things out because I've got to go to campus in a few hours for the project with my journalism lecturer. And I want to play GodFinger! LOL! There are not enough hours in a day!