Wednesday, 5 January 2011

In Search for The Shoe Cupboard.

I resolve to find a way to organise all my clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and cosmetics into a very tidy and impeccably accessible way! How do you do it? Don't say "stop shopping" because that's preposterous! The lack of space and terrible organisation of my belongings is starting to drive me crazy and I'm going nuts trying to come up with a new system! There's all this scattered space that I HAVE to be able to make do with!

The moment I get to move out into my own apartment, I am definitely going to get a wardrobe that is specifically designed to contain not only clothes but also a long shelf for bags, a stackable drawer set for accessories, a cabinet for beauty products. And if the shoes have to fit into that wardrobe, then it should be a separated section for shoes that can be kept in individual shoeboxes with a picture of the shoes inside. If IKEA fails me in creating such a wardrobe, at least I gotta get a bigger shoe cupboard where the shoes don't have to be squeezed up in boxes but properly displayed. ARGHHHHH! Everything that can't fit into my existing shoe cupboard in the hallway is packed away in shoeboxes in the cupboard/storeroom under the stairs. There has to be a better way to do this!

This is an example of a wardrobe that's got it right (pictured below). Everything is well compartmentalised AND there are closing doors so that things don't get unnecessarily dusty. And it's best to keep shoes away from other things because they get dirty. Shoes are so hard to store! Some of my friends keep their shoes in their car - especially if they drive around a lot for work, some keep an entire wall of shoeboxes with the picture-on-the-box system, others have a huge shoe cupboard.

I always knew Nicky Hilton was a smart girl! These other celebs though, I don't think they're that practical... their things are going to get so dusty. LOL.

I refuse to admit defeat. In the next 7 days I will DEFINITELY be able to organise ALL my things. And I will blog the photos then! GRR. My room and the storeroom is such an eyesore right now.