Sunday, 10 July 2011


Awww. I'm unhappy with my exam results this time. :( I was expecting low HDs because that has been my trend with these two lecturers, but while journalism met those estimates - I tanked Media Audiences and got a ghastly 75. It singlehandedly brought down my GPA with that luminous "D" ... to be honest, it doesn't stand for Distinction, it stands for Damage. :(

Then again, it's my own damn fault for having such high expectations. Media Audiences is an effing ballbuster. I don't understand how Shang and I got HDs for our major assignment, then ended up with Ds for the overall when all that was left were 10% Online Discussion (which many regard as bonus marks) and a 40% for exam (which we slaved our butts off for). I wanna know what the correct answers are, since the results indicate I got them very wrong.

Why I'm upset:
Me: 75/100 - 42/50 = 33/50 <--- means I did very badly in the exam and/or online postings.
Shang: 78/100 - 46/50 = 32/50
Mandy: 72/100 - 41/50 = 31/50

Perhaps to have a response like "Aww, I didn't get all HDs this time..." is the reaction of a spoiled child, pampered by overconfidence and doting adults. My dad said to me, "Wouldn't other people be happy with those results?" and pointed out that I graduated ... lol. But this spoiled child still has a tear rolling down her cheek and no mood to celebrate tonight. She has been humbled.


Anonymous said...

Complex Post. This record helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot

Anonymous said...

does it really matter what results you get since you're doing an art degree? i doubt your future employees even care. it's like a marketing degree. no one looks at your grades.

Sha-Lene said...

It matters to me because I care. Why would I work for grades just for my future employers when it's so much more fulfilling to enjoy my own success for myself?