Thursday, 5 April 2012

Word parade.

"i saw the pictures of lana'i that your librarian took
i wanna live the island life with you
sand between my toes, your fingers between mine
i wanna watch the sun rise, wake up with you
and take our own pictures too."

The first essay for Honours year is an exploration on the concept of 'culture'. I never knew what a pain in the butt it was to try and 'explore' the meaning of this word that apparently has no definable meaning - but no matter what, I have to come what with 2000 words to define a word that thousands of pages of academic literature have been unable to define conclusively for the last 60 years.

One glorious Thursday awaits me to finish the essay. 1,300 words in but I'm only sure of 914 of them. Today is Wednesday though, and I had lasagna for dinner and suddenly missed reading Garfield comics as a little girl.


Max said...

hahhahahah :P