Sunday, 12 August 2012

Rainbow hair.

"Do you collect stamps?" Datin asked me today.
"When I was younger," I said, remembering the stamp collection I inherited from my parents, and how I added the stamps from letters my pen-pals sent to me as a girl. "Why?"
"I used to collect stamps too," Datin said, sadfacing on MSN. "Then in Standard 5, I was feeling poor, and sold off my entire collection to a girl for RM30." 
Apart from Datin giggling over six pretty Singapore stamps she got today, I realised I'm a bit of a sucker for some trends! Except I cotton on to a trend and don't quite let it go, even when the fad has somewhat faded in the fast-paced fashion world. There was the maxi dress thing, and the jumpsuits thing, and now there's the rainbow hair thing. Datin, Supermodel and Wei Ni dip-dyed their hair varying hues of purple, pink, and blue - but I'm looking for a colourful alternative that doesn't require bleaching my hair. :( Currently looking at hair chalking options or powdered non-chemicals.


LoveLikeHell said...

I saw a video once about hair chalking. Seemed easy enough! But it'll only last till the next hair wash. Plus it'll smear before it dries. No bleaching required though!