Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Open, Sandwiches.

Where did September go? I'm rather upset that time has flown so quickly, because things that haven't come yet just get harder and harder (and closer and closer). I took the GRE July 19th, and then I took TOEFL September 22nd. Now I'm out of exams and I'm left with the frighteningly unfamiliar - a 4,000-word major assignment which I don't understand at all (yet!), a 16,000-word dissertation, and admissions essays.

My father says that this stuff, even though it looks like the-scariest-so-far from where I'm standing, is nothing compared to actually moving away from Malaysia and relocating in the United States. Starting a new life and living on my own, he says, will be the actual challenge - not these essays and research papers.

Sometimes I wish there were magical solutions to problems, like there was some sort of "Open, Sesame!" incantation that would result in a magically-written thesis. Sadly, I go to Monash University, not Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

On a less depressing note, September has been pretty eventful (which means the opportunity cost was getting work done) by nerd standards. I fell sick, went shopping a few times, dined out several times, got my very first pedicure, colored my hair mocha pink and brown, got a new pet hamster and named it Kayaball, discovered a Barbie Store in Midvalley Megamall, and celebrated my 14th-month anniversary with Willi. :) I also went for another facial, but I'll need to go for a third visit because there still are annoying zits on my right cheek. ;(

I told my mother this was my specialty: open sandwiches, which have to be eaten with a fork and knife because they are posh sandwiches.

Also a couple of things I'm rather looking forward to - Miss Universe Malaysia 2013's Beauty Camp episodes, because Malaysia's changed televised beauty pageantry into something of a reality TV series. Whoa, right? xD I really want to watch it, and the episodes start airing November 11th on 8TV. And a little closer to the present, my friend, Edmund Loh, Internet marketer extraordinaire, is hosting a 2-hour live webinar this Friday morning for people interested to start online businesses. And here's the bit that any Malaysian would love - it's absolutely free of charge! That's one of the rare things worth waking up before 8am for, haha!

P.S: TOEFL results are expected to be released tomorrow, so I guess I'll be blogging about my TOEFL experience once I get them. Hurrrr nervous, nervous.