Thursday, 15 November 2012

Burnt toast.

Me: I wish we were next-door neighbours so we could have storyboarding discussions over breakfast.
Datin: Why? So that you can test your weird-looking toast on me?
Me: Hey! I think burnt toast gives character to the bread.
For over a week now, Datin, Mich, and I have been gleefully indulging in pre-wedding chatter every time we talk to each other. I guess part of it is the novelty of someone close to me planning to get married, and the excitement of experiencing part of the pre-wedding process. The biggest part of the pre-wedding process, of course, is the pre-wedding album and video.

Now, until very recently, I had no idea how insanely expensive these photographs and videos are. I mean, we're talking RM3,000 to RM15,000 just for pretty pictures and a memorable video. In total, a conventional wedding gala usually costs at least RM50,000 - although I suppose there must be people who have gotten married for less. That's way more than the average salary in Malaysia for a month (which is about RM2,000). In an environment where the cost of living gets higher every few months but salaries stay stagnant, weddings look like a huge financial burden on the people involved.

So I got this idea of the three of us storyboarding, shooting, and filming the pre-wedding album and video by ourselves. The most powerful aspect of a pre-wedding album is the concept, and we're a pretty creative bunch (or, at least, our livelihoods depend on our creativity!). The best thing that can happen out of this project: our friend saves a ton of money. The worst thing that can happen: the pictures and video are terrible, and our friend needs to resort to hiring professionals to do the job. Either way, though, we still learn a lot and have a lot of fun. Once my thesis is done, I've been meaning to learn how to use my Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Premier Pro anyway, and Mich has that awesome Olympus PEN camera. :D

I love fun projects with tangible products. :)

P.S: I love scrambled eggs, but I'm averse to using the stove in the kitchen because I'm paranoid when it comes to fire. So, Willi taught me how to make scrambled eggs today using the microwave. :D Yay! I haven't had eggs in so long, they tasted so delicious even though I overcooked them and didn't put any seasoning. Lmao! Perhaps another day I'll learn how not to burn my toast.