Monday, 5 November 2012

Law of attraction.

Hofstadter's law came into effect, i.e. it's November 5th and I didn't finish my thesis yet. To everyone's horror, including my own, I'm only halfway there. So I'm testing out another law - this time, the law of attraction. I applied to graduate from my Honours degree, so it must mean my thesis will be finished soon enough!

I also like to write my Acknowledgements before finishing my writing, 'cos I'm just weird that way.

P.S: Willi got promoted to Manager at the store. Yay. :) Nice present from the universe for our 15th-monthsary. And I heard from another William (the William of my past, of my youth!) after what seems like forever-years! Glad that Brit is still good and kickin'. Iunno what's with me and guys named William, lol.