Saturday, 20 July 2013

Favorite sound in the world.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last three weeks in Malaysia. The move to Los Angeles will mark the end of one chapter of my life, and the beginning of a whole new world I couldn't be more excited about exploring.

I'm going to miss my amazing friends here, like An and Tse Mun and Jayne and Cynthia and Carmen and the list goes on. I'm going to miss my big bolster, and my parents, and Kayaball (my hamster... and the food! XD). And despite my aversion towards most Asian food, I'm going to miss some of it - SS2 Murni's nasi lemak, hawker-style pork noodles and koay teow soup, IKEA curry puffs (or do they have those in the U.S. as well? haha), egg tarts from dim sum restaurants, Mummy's home-made chicken pies, S.Wine's pork satay, and Sushi Zanmai's soft shell crab sushi wrapped in beancurd skin. I don't reckon there's much else I'll miss on the food front, since America is engorged with delicious food. :D

I mean, Darren - hereinafter known as Sprout, because I realized most bloggers seem to give their SO some sort of nickname lmao, and maybe someday I'll write a blog post about how the nickname Sprout came about - did have a great handle on my tastebuds, and therefore takes me on dates involving food that makes me melt on the table like a puddle of joy. (Like cinnamon pancakes from IHOP and Red Robin's BBQ burger!)

I miss Sprout, and the Pokemon game that he brought for me.

I also realized how funny it was that there were so many pictures of him holding maps and the likes, because I couldn't be arsed to navigate my way anywhere. Luckily for me, though, Sprout has an excellent sense of direction. :D

My parents are selling my little green car soon. Well, it's sort of not mine anymore, since they're prepping it for sale already. :( I'm going to miss the faithful little thing, eventhough I didn't really use it for driving anywhere besides school and work.

Anyhow, I'm working from home for the next few weeks - USC prep, moving-across-the-world prep, and reworking my thesis for publication (or, well, attempted publication). When I'm not out with my friends for lunch, Sprout calls and we chitter-chatter until he falls asleep, and then I get to listen to him snore until Line inevitably disconnects the call (because my Internet connection is unstable). The sound of him gently snoring is so oddly comforting and peaceful, and I can't quite explain why, although I can guess it's probably because it means he's safe, and alive, and mine. Whenever I couldn't sleep in Seattle - at like 4 o'clock in the morning - I'd climb into his bed while he was asleep, and he'd wake up and smile, and kiss me, wrap his arms around me, and then promptly fall back asleep snoring. Listening to him snore - in person, or on the phone whenever we can't be together in person, will always be my favorite sound in the world. :)