Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sweating Summer.

Spring Break has come to an end. Well, it wasn't much of a break. Other than a break from classes, I still had work, assignments and exams to study for -- as well as the ongoing search for things I need in summer: a vehicle, auto insurance, furniture and an internship. All I can say is that being an adult is a lot harder than it is to be a kid!

In this resolute phase of busy-ness, it's equally hard to find time to improve myself and still be able to do things I enjoy: like trying to learn Spanish, improving my Photoshop skills and honing the ability to shoot and edit videos. Also, infographics are all the rage now -- and this is one of my first attempts to create an infographic. Of course, I chose a topic that I could have fun with. :) 

Click to enlarge if you want to read the pie charts and graph!


Fabulous Perks said...

Amazing story, how nice of you to share! I agree that one should always have set goals.