Thursday, 17 July 2014

DIY Wedding Guestbook

Got another item done: our wedding guestbook! Fingerprint and balloon guestbooks are all the rage these days on Pinterest and Etsy, and I decided I could make one myself and have a blast doing it. Now that I've finished mine and figured out how to do it, I thought I would share it on my blog for other brides on a budget. :D

Materials needed: glue, black marker pen, scissors, foam board, colored paper, thick white paper.

1. Draw or print out a vehicle or caricature of the happy couple.
2. Draw balloons on colored papers and cut them out.
3. Arrange everything the way you want it to look.
4. Glue 'em down!
5. Voila: your own DIY wedding guestbook. :)
Don't forget to include instructions, because not all guests may not what to do with unconventional guestbooks! ;)