Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pop! goes the question.

"You know what's really funny?" I said, as I sprawled on to the bed, flat on my back like a snow angel.
"What?" he said, rummaging around in a parcel that had just arrived. A camera for his car, so he's covering his bases in case of any insurance claims.
"I folded all the towels and then I was putting them up on the shelf. But then I put them up there and they all fell sideways because my tower of towels was too tall, and it was like I'd never folded them at all."
"You're funny," he laughed, moving to the side of the bed, so I was looking at him upside down from the bed. I laughed, and kissed him.
"No, you are. Why are you kneeling over there? Come sit on the bed."
"Hey baby," he grinned. "Guess what?"
"Will you marry me?" 

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