Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Trojan Longhorn? Almost!

There I was, wearing a cardinal-and-gold USC shirt, pulling my neon yellow suitcase into the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. I flew in from LAX in the wee hours of Friday morning to accompany Darren on his company trip to Dallas. It sounded like the perfect weekend: a trip with his lovely coworkers to the Red River Showdown, the state fair and dinner at Dave and Buster's -- powered up game card included! Plus a glorious stay in a very comfy hotel (I don't know why I didn't pay attention to the hotel name, because the bed and bathroom were amazing).

Best. Weekend. Ever.
It was even totally okay that I had to study for the trip. That's right: despite the fact that this was my four-day escape from the stress-inducing terror that is grad school, I had to immerse myself in video tutorials about American college football.

I'm really not a sports fan. But after all those videos plus Darren's explanations, and sitting through all four quarters of a 3.5 hour football game, I think I finally leveled up. :D

I also experienced a tailgate for the first time, since the fair was one gigantic tailgate. I loved the Texas State Fair, seriously, I want to go back every year. There are amazing ride and games and food. Wish it was in Austin instead of Dallas, and I wish you didn't need to buy football tickets to enter the fair. :( Cos those football tickets are really expensive.

But anyway! It was really fun watching the Longhorns try to defeat the Sooners. It was such a close fight at 26 vs 31, and so much action happened in the fourth quarter. Look at me, using all these football words and actually understanding what I'm writing!