Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I know January's the month when people usually start their workout attempts, so I'm a little late to the game. But I kinda didn't have any motivation to get healthy again until my husband decided to get healthier with me, and now it's fun because I have a fitness buddy. I guess doing anything alone isn't as fun as doing it with someone else, and I'm just lucky I get to do it with my best friend. So, armed with our Fitbits and an Aria scale in our bathroom, here we are trying to get a little healthier one step at a time.

I'm on the Blogilates 4-week workout plan, so I do a set of exercises each day based on the delightful Cassey Ho's YouTube tutorials. I really like this because it's a different workout everyday, prepared by a fitness instructor to target different parts of your body, and I don't even have to leave the house!

After getting carpet burns though, I decided to buy a properly-cushioned exercise mat. I also got some 3-pound weights so that I could do arm workouts based on Cassey's 6-minute arm video and a low-impact cardio workout by FitnessBlender.

After a couple of days of doing Cassey's pilates tutorials though, I got super duper sore and had to walk like I was balancing watermelons on my head. So I skipped a day and just resumed after that. :P I figure on days that I'm too sore to do a real pilates workout, I'll just exercise with my weighted hula hoop. That's always fun!

On less fitness-crazed news, Valentine's Day was really special for me this year because of two reasons:
Reason #1
My father-in-law got married that day! I really adore Melody, his new bride, I reckon she's the person I'm closest to in the family (besides my husband, haha) and it feels nice to have a gal pal to turn to. :)

Reason #2
This is actually the very first Valentine's Day that Darren and I have got to spend together physically in person. Last year we were apart because I was in school in LA, and the year before that I was working in Malaysia at the time. So this was not only our first V-day as a married couple, it was also our very first one together in person. :) While I agree that it's a over-commercialized holiday that's meant to make people spend money, it just meant a lot to me to spend it with Darren. Other than that, our souvenir from V-day is a huge dinosaur balloon we've kept in the bathroom. I call it my pet dinosaur.

And a belated birthday (cheese)cake for hubs the day after Valentine's Day! Homemade New York cheesecake made from scratch by my favorite neighbor Ana. :D It's Star Wars themed, of course.