Sunday, 2 October 2016

Expectations vs Reality

We went to a beach wedding on North Padre Island last weekend. Here's what I learned:

#1: I learned that Instagram-perfect beach hair does not apply to all humans equally.

#2: I also ran out of disposable slippers and made the incredibly clever decision of not bringing any slippers on the weekend trip to Corpus Christi. I brought only my Doc Martens, which happened to be floral rain boots, for the beach and aquarium.

"I'll just be cool and walk barefoot in the hotel room," I said to myself.

I learned that I couldn't handle it.

#3: I learned that I was the only person at the Texas State Aquarium terrified of touching a stingray. Even the smallest children laughed at my terrified screams. But I did pet a stingray - eventually, and with my husband helping hold my hand down in the water - and it was sheer awesomeness.