Thursday, 2 July 2009

Another Sunday in the suburbs

Hello, happy bunnies. How have you been?
It was a quiet Sunday for me. After immensely oversleeping (after a drawn-out, sleep-deprived week), my mum and I went to visit our family friends. And... that was my day. Hahaha.

But I've made it a point to get out of the house every day, so that I don't become one of those people who are, like, 30 and hermits who are still living with their parents. It's a chilling thought. I realised I have a habit of saying "no" to invitations to go out, so I'm trying to turn on the "Yes" mentality - carpe diem, seize the day and all. :)

Every day is a miracle, after all. And everything is an adventure!

Of course, friends like S say: "You okay or not ...." and accuses me of being "some hardcore tourist now la". Hahaha. But I forgive him, because he's actually willing to go to the National Museum with me. :D
L wasn't so willing, were you? :P She said that she would murder me if I made her climb those stairs again. Apparently, she couldn't walk for two days after our little Planetarium hike. Imagine her horror when I voiced intentions of paying a visit to Batu Caves, after she told me the story of an old Indian woman who sits in the cave with a snake coiled around her shoulders and tells your fortune or something.

Besides Muzium Negara and Batu Caves, I guess the other destinations on my list would be the Butterfly Park, Mini-Malaysia, and the usual tourist spots. I realised I've been to so many places in the rest of the world, but I know so little about my own country - there are so many places I've never been to, and they've been in my own backyard the whole time. Uh-huh. And even if I have been to those places, like Zoo Negara, I was way too young to remember bollocks about the trip. :(

I can't even remember most of my holidays abroad. It's the saddest thing. I can only remember snatches of Cairo and Istanbul, and none of Mexico and Australia. The only things I remember about L.A. and Disneyland are Mickey Mouse signing my shorts and the Aladdin parade where the elephant spurted water all over me. The only part of Japan I can recall is that people bow all the time. I can only remember holding the skulls of Pol Pot's victims in Phnomn Penh and walking beside their mass graves. I can't even remember which countries I've been to, and which I haven't. The only holidays I can properly remember are the ones I went on when I was a teenager: like Prague, London, Korea (because of the frequency of visits), and most recently, Switzerland. Alas, the glory of travelling is lost on children! :(


On other news ...
Because articles like this that even exist:,8599,1812102,00.html ...
I am convinced that journalism is the window to the world.
*rolls eyes*
If it isn't about politicians doing the "fist-bump" with their wives, then it's the litany of tragic crimes that have besotted the world, like today's Tokyo stabbing spree:

It's because of insanities such as the above that Mummy refuses to hear of my big dreams to move to the Big Apple someday. She says people get killed there.

I told her people get killed everywhere.
Haha. I don't think that helped my case.
Lastly, happy belated birthday to Romeo-to-be, Kevin Hew.
My little cousin. :D