Sunday, 5 July 2009


If this comes as a surprise to you... you obviously haven't been following the adventures on this blog. :P Revelation: I like new things.

Latest trophy? A fringed clutch that doubles as a sling bag, courtesy of Miss Capsicum! :)

Velvet. Ribboned and fringed.
Intertwined gold-braided straps.
Doubles as a sling bag.
Detachable sling.
Exact same clutch retailing in Bonita for RM129!

I'm getting the one in dark brown.
Well-earned one night with a Closing Down Sales advertorial. :D

Two other trophies:
Aeroplane & globe necklace from Dress Me Up.
Hippie-print tank top (on the right) from SeriouslySerious.

My new favourite outfit:
Grey pinafore dress from Andmoreagain. :)
It's so comfortable, I don't even care that the world sees my chubby arms. :P

Everything earned through advertising. :)

I made a list a couple of days ago of every material item I've obtained through my other blog, and it came up to 26 items - 11 through advertisement spaces, 15 through advertorials. But I'm so pleased with everything I earned. :D They're like prizes - you'll always remember where and how you won that oven toaster, that kinda thing.

On a side note, the awful heat wave is giving me the worst headache. :(

P.S: Still no word from Leila. :(
P.P.S: Annoyed at weird people trying to talk to me on Skype.