Saturday, 23 May 2009

American Idol, Korean monster flicks, and finding Mr Right - fast!

Another season of Idol is over! :(

I won't get to see anymore fresh AI episodes until January next year,
which bums me out at the end of the season every year. Almost as much as when I finished reading the last of the Potter series.

While I look for other sources of popular culture to keep myself sane, here's a tribute to all the past American Idol winners! :D

Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino,
Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks

Last year's Idol, the amazing amazing amazing David Cook...
Who was, if I might add, the most deserving Idol winner of all!

And this year, Kris Allen :D

Whose rendition of No Boundaries has been
playing on my computer a dozen times a day, lol!

The studio version rocks that much!
While you're checking that out,

you gotta listen to Adam Lambert's version as well. :D

And what's in store this week on campus?
Film Studies' final screening of the semester!

Korean monster genre film called "The Host" :P
I just read the entire synopsis
plus political commentary about it on Wikipedia,
so I guess I won't be as anxious as I originally was. Hehe!

But this is how I'll look during the screening, for sure!

Also watched the American horror film "One Missed Call" tonight on Astro, to mentally "prepare" myself for "The Host". But I muted it half the time and covered my eyes with the pillow.

While mum was sewing something and dad was playing computer games in the same room. Heee!

I don't do scary movies, man. :(

On a pretty unrelated note...

It's amazing how I can still find pictures when I didn't bring my camera to events! Lol!
So here they are:

Monash Music Festival

Pics courtesy of May Ching & Jin Hackman's peeps!

A Shopaholic's Den Birthday Bash

Pic courtesy of Liz & May from Phat Culture

Pic courtesy of Yien Yee

Oh, and Grandma doesn't like the idea of me studying for so long because the "important thing" for a Chinese girl is find a good husband, get married, and have like ten thousand babies.

This is the same Grandma who didn't like me going to law school because Chinese women supposedly don't like daughters-in-law who are lawyers. Something about being able to talk back and stuff. Ho yeah. They want you to be smart but not that smart.

Here I am, 20 going on 21, and I'm starting to feel the pressure of finding the "right guy" - and fast! :( I seriously am beginning to think there's a deadline for marriage, before "the family" start whispering during reunion dinners and all that shiznit. I swear I've grown up witnessing that happen to my un-married aunts and uncles! Aunts more than uncles. I have double standards to live up to. Lol.

Which, of course, in this hyper materialistic world, means:
1. Losing 20kgs :(
2. Tone up! Like, exercise or something. Lol!
3. Stop being so dorky. And loud. :(

We're supposed to love people for who they are inside, right? Like, keeping up appearances isn't important?

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Sad but true.

What's on the inside is very important, but what's on the outside is what attracts you to look inside in the first place. :(

Here I am in classes learning about women's liberation movements and postmodernism, feminist ideals and the battle against misogyny and stereotypes... but I live in a world that still subscribes to archaic principles of life!

I also have a sneaking suspicion that it's more important to Chinese elders that their grandchildren find a spouse, than find love. Heh!

To make matters worse, I am the first grandchild. The FIRST. All the role model crap is going to come and bite me in my gigantic ass. I'm sure of it!

Now, if only Adam Lambert had won instead of Kris Allen, maybe the world would see itself as a different kinda place. After all, it came down to a vote-off between a homosexual glamrock postmodernist god with guyliner, and a happily-married-at-23 church worship leader with all-American good looks peddling humble pie all through Idol.

So tell me, when's your marriage deadline? :P


Irenelim said...

Your grandma is so cute... ahahaha.