Tuesday, 30 June 2009

But the world is in your heart.

Edit (1.30am, 1st July): Maybe I'd better stay away from bazaars until the whole H1N1 crisis is over. Just received word that attendees of Urbanscapes must go get check-ups because someone who attended Urbanscapes has been confirmed with H1N1. :( Luckily Tse Mun and I went to Sungei Wang instead of Urbanscapes... but maybe we shouldn't go to the bazaars this weekend either. :( Anyway, I blogged about it *here*.

Holidays can be so unhealthy. I'm unblinkingly absorbing movies faster than Daddy can download them. Haha! I watched Street Fighter: The legend of Chun-Li last night and Rachel Getting Married tonight.

Street Fighter | Rachel Getting Married

There's really no comparison between the 2 movies. Having been a fan of the Street Fighter games as a child, Chun-Li had always been my favourite - the Asian heroine, right? But of all Asian-ish actresses to cast, they went with Kristin Kreuk. She's the prettiest thing that Hollywood's ever seen, but she's so incredibly frail-looking in the whole movie, that it made the show that much worse and unrealistic. :( And the script? Super cheesy. Definitely not an A-grade movie. I was laughing at parts that weren't even funny.

Especially at Chris Klein's really, really bad acting. He was awesomely hilarious in American Dreamz - but that was actually a show worth watching. This instalment of Street Fighter was just a huge disappointment for me. And Moon Bloodgood, who played Detective Maya, was put there in the film as wholly a sexual object! No respectable detective would wear such slutty outfits to work at crime scenes and stake-outs.

So... yeah. I was so excited to watch the movie, as a fan of the Streetfighter games... and I feel like the people who made this movie couldn't live up to the Streetfighter name. In the hands of better film-makers (aren't there so many in Hollywood?), it would have been a fantastic show.

Now, Rachel Getting Married was a different kinda movie altogether. Having no idea what the movie would be about, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Anne Hathaway plays a really complex character - selfish, tortured, guilt-ridden, helpless, but loveable at the same time. Who can stay mad at someone with such big doe eyes, right? And Mather Zickel played her love interest (another reason why Street Fighter sucked was because Chun-Li had NO love interest at all!) - and throughout the whole film I mistook him for Adrian Pasdar (a.k.a Nathan Petrelli). Anyway, Mather Zickel = Steamy!

Really good movie - it was wonderfully weird, made me cry a couple of times, and when it ended, I was like, "What? So what does that mean?" But at least it challenged me mentally - not like the two-dimensional Street Fighter film! :(

My favourite scene from Rachel Getting Married:

I only have "Fired Up" and "Revolutionary Road" left to watch. I wonder what they're about? :P And after that, I'm going to be digging through old unwatched DVDs.

I think tomorrow I'll get up before noon (for once). And work out (for once). All I do when I stay home is write advertorials. At least there are a couple of bazaars this weekend to look forward to. It'll be nice to go and see some friends, show some support to the organisers. :) Maybe. I dunno. Holidays can be so unhealthy.

That's why I love school. That's why I know I'll love work. That's why I love travelling. That's why the city life is the life for me... a life in the heart of activity. :) I can't imagine being stuck in the countryside with nothing new to experience, new people to meet, new things to see.

It's 11.55pm. 5 minutes to SeriouslySerious.com's update. I've been waiting all night for their sales. Heee. I have RM30 store credit and I intend to use it if I see anything I really love. :D Stocks from Thailand! I wanna go to Thailand. Someone take me there!