Monday, 29 June 2009


My parents just cancelled the vacation. :(

The next time they say "We're going on holiday!" - I'm not going to believe it until I'm on the airplane. Or I'll just get my hopes up for nothing again. :(

On the bright side ... we're not leaving Troy, and I'm going to be here for the whole year. If anyone wants to go out in the first 3 weeks of July... you have my number. :) Let's go to the zoo! And the museum, and Planetarium, and Central Market, and Petaling Street!

Unless you've just come back from Melbourne... in which case I'll see you after your 7 days of self-quarantine. LOL!

I'm still waiting for Leila to come back so we can go to Malacca! :D

P.S: The Curve's flea market was pretty disappointing yesterday. Although I did get a really cool magic bean for Mum's birthday. :D