Saturday, 18 July 2009

"If your heart is full, you don't feel that hungry." -H.H. Swamitejomayananda

It's 3.11am, and I'm hungry! Maybe because I only had 2 meals today - one at 12pm and dinner at like 8pm at Yat Mun in Puchong - and I forgot to look for food, due to my obsessively writing SIX blog posts for YSK today. Of course, each is scheduled to be published on different dates throughout the rest of this month. I guess I'm trying to squeeze in as many advertorials as I can finish up before classes begin on Monday.

I've written practically 20 ads over my 3-week break, and I can't believe I'm still backlogged! I have another 20 or so bookings - and I've decided I'm only going to write those that have already been paid for - and only deal with the rest after this semester ends. Earlier on I learnt not to hand out my bank account number like candy, because some clients will just bank in the money before I've said I can definitely do the advertorial - and then I'll have to do the ad for them! Lol!

Anyway, I have a pretty tough advertorial to write in the morning (for a shipping company - some advertorials are so difficult to write because I have no prior knowledge at all!), so I'd better to swallow my hunger and head to bed. I don't like doing the feature advertorials so much, because they're definitely the hardest to write - especially when the products or services are totally alien to me. But this shipping company is a pretty big advertising client for my wee little blog, so I guess I'd better do it right! Haha! And yes, you get to go read my hard work on YSK when it's published on the 27th of this month.

Despite how my advertising brain cells have been dutifully squeezed and dry-cleaned, it's still pretty cool that YSK's grown from a tiny little blog that only reviews the things blogshops sell - to a tiny little blog that reviews stuff, hosts contests and votes, publishes advertorials, does feature stories, reports on bazaars and events, and apparently, even sheds light on shopping-related companies.

Having started out with only a few readers, to the miraculous hundred, to my goal of 500 ... and now, YSK receives a daily stream of anywhere between 650 to 910 unique visitors. Over 5000 people read my little blog each week. I'm just blown away. Wow. Speaking as a blogger, and not from a selfish POV, these are incredible numbers to me, because never did I expect it. And although over 95% of its readers are from right here in Malaysia, according to my Nuffnang statistics, there are also readers from U.S, UK, Australia, Norway, Jordan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, New Zealand, Phillipines, Germany, Thailand, and Trinidad & Tobago.

I'm no famous blogger, of course, but to have that many people read what I write (or at least look at the pictures I've posted up)... is just a privilege. I hope I've made a difference in someone's life out there... for the better! :)

Only 5 months and 2 weeks left on the YSK lifeline! Maybe I'll even be a little sad to see it go. Not like it's actually going anywhere, I'll most certainly be leaving the site as it is to have something to show for 11 months of blood, sweat and tears. :D

I wonder if I should pursue a career in advertising.