Saturday, 18 July 2009

He lived in a pineapple under the sea.

I wouldn't say my studies is putting a damper on my social life because, well, I don't really have a social life in the partygoing, upbeat sense of the word! But when opportunity for that kind of social life actually comes knocking, I can't go because I have classes every day of the non-weekend week. :(

I've been invited to Rebellz's all-exclusive fashion show in a club in KL, but it's on a Wednesday night. So I'm being a party pooper and not going because my classes start at 9am the next day. Heee! But if you're reading this and you wanna go, you can! I've been permitted to extend my invitation to all YSK readers: just *click here* to read more.

Looking at how my partygoing abilities have shrunk to zero (from zero), I think I can safely conclude that even when I'm 21, I still will have never been in a club. Oh well! At least I'm going for a delicious family buffet at buffet-paradise Renaissance Hotel tomorrow. Did you know they have a table just full of all sorts of chocolates? Yumm-mmy! Plus, they're on like 50% off! We go once a year as part of family tradition. :D And I get to see Grandma tomorrow as well!

And to (further) cheer myself up from my sorrows of not being able to go to the fashion show, look what I'm getting! :D It's all thanks to Mei from SeriouslySerious, she's at the Absolute Bazaar @ 3K Inn as we speak, and she knows how much I've been obsessing about these bangles. :D But I had earlier painfully decided not to buy them because they're RM39, and RM47 with shipping.

So imagine how excited I got when Mei called me saying that she's just spotted these bangles at the bazaar, going at only RM25! After dragging my mum and our house guests into my room to help me choose which set to buy (hehehe!) and obtaining tacit parental permission to buy it, these deliciously unnecessary bangles below are mine! :D

Well, they're still with Mei, coz she helped me buy them from the bazaar, but they're basically mine. :D I've repaid her. Hehe!

Bangkok bangles from Nunfish

I feel so happy. <3