Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Is that a bird? A plane? It's Aquaria!

Two milestones in a day: Shaza's first time on the LRT, and ...

... our first visit to Aquaria KLCC! :D

Me: Smile!! :D
Shaz: Why would I be smiling at the queue??

The cool blue lights to keep people entertained while queueing :P

Oooh... map of Malaysia! Haha!

First stop: DNA Touch Pool

I couldn't resist taking a pic of the funny sign!
"Please do not take the animals out from the water."

Aquaria staff feeding the baby bamboo sharks.
Shaza touched one! Before she found out it was a shark, hehe!

Apparently starfish feel like sponges.

Second stop: Piranha Tank!

The cartoon sooo doesn't look like the piranhas!

Fun fact: I Googled piranhas (and sharks) yesterday, and learnt that the whole piranhas eating people thing is untrue... apparently President Roosevelt went to Brazil on some jungle trekking trip, and because the Brazilians knew he had a thing for adventures and excitement, they starved a bunch of piranhas - and then when he was passing by, they threw a cow amidst the piranhas - and of course, the starving piranhas devoured it til only its skeletons remained! And then Hollywood seized the legend and made it a huge pop culture belief. :)

It was feeding time at 11.15am, so plenty of people crowded around the tank.
The piranhas ate the fishes fed to them within 9-90 seconds!
And each piranha only had to take a tiny bite. Lol!

This dude was the Piranha Tank "Tour Guide", haha!
Everything he said, he had to say once in English and once in Malay.
It was like that throughout the whole Aquaria, actually :P
I bet this guy is a famous face in blogs of bloggers who have gone to Aquaria... haha!

Third stop: Electric Zone

Fun fact: Electric eels need an hour to recharge after they've zapped something!

Fourth stop: The Deep Forest

"This is why we don't go jungle trekking," Dad says to daughter,
pointing at black scorpion. :P

Endangered painted terrapins! Super cutest creatures in entire Aquaria. :D
Total attention-seekers too, always crowding where ever there are people, haha!

Fifth stop: Jewels of the Jungle

Can you spot anything? :D

This turtle really, really creeped me out, haha!
The next picture will explain why ...

Snake-necked turtle!

Rainbow crab. Awww!
Its leg things moved like fingers drumming on the table.
Creepy and cool at the same time.

The poisonous dart frogs were so tiny that ...
I decided to take a photo of their photo instead! :P

Pacman frog! Hahahah!

Malaysian giant millipede.
Only cool coz it eats cucumbers!

These things... they swim in the Monash river!

Sixth stop: Amazon Flooded Forest

If you gaze into these aquariums for more than 5 seconds,
you will feel very very giddy! Haha!


Seventh stop: Malaysian Rainforest

What's Shaza taking a picture of?

Ta-dahhh! The most beautiful aquarium in Aquaria!

And now...
Remember this cute little fish that I was so excited to see?

Well... I found it! :D

Only question is... can YOU find it too?

Hahahahaha. Here it is! Looks nicer in the official website's photo. :(
And there was only ONE in the whole Aquaria. Haha!

Eggs of bamboo sharks. :P
So this is the famous Mermaid's Pouch!

The stingrays are so cute!
They have all sorts of faces, this one's a smileyface! :)

Eighth stop: Aquatheatre

Divers started to feed the fishes and sea creatures! :D

Ninth stop: Oceanarium
*Yayyy! Everybody's favourite!*

This stingray just lay there lazily for ages.
The ceiling is the fella's bed, haha!

AAAH! Sand tiger shark!

We were so fearless.

Three most interesting "exhibits" in the Oceanarium:

1) This cool polka-dotted fish

2) Stingrays with faces

3) Divers :D

Btw - Aquaria is so crowded!

Tenth stop: Weird & Wonderful

It was so dark, luckily I wore a dress with neon-coloured polka dots, haha!

Reallyyyy weird creatures. Lol!
With weird eyes and everything.

Ta-rahhh! The Shopping Kakis have conquered Aquaria! :D

Aquaria is definitely a must-see for anyone who can
spare 3 hours on any given day of the week,
between 11am-8pm! :D

Oh oh and our tickets were only RM20 each! Yayy!
Malaysian + Student ID card = RM20 :)

Go to Aquaria!
I wanna go again during my long summer holidays...
at the end of this year! :D

PS: Exam results out in less than 24 hours!