Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Decisions, decisions.

Every now and then I come to points in my life when I make conscious decisions to define who I am. Yesterday, I decided headscarves will be my next thing. :D

And no, I do not care if people stare! Seriously, you only live once. So the only question that matters is - are you living for yourself, or for other people?

It's 2.39am as I'm writing this. Shaza's going to come buzzing on my doorbell in about 6 hours, and I'm too excited to see the piranhas and sharks to retire to bed! I haven't had normal sleeping hours for as long as I can remember. The only times I sleep at "normal" hours is during (Monash) exams.

My dad asked me not so long ago: "Do you think sleeping at 6am is normal?"

I think he panicked a little when I took a very long pause to answer. And then I laughed. And I think I said something like: "Normal is a very subjective word..."


At least Shaz texted me last night that Allocate+ opened already, instead of 10am tomorrow like Monash admin told us. So we set our timetables already. Yay~ One less stress in life, right? ;) I have a really awkward timetable this coming semester. I call it awkward because eventhough I've tried to arrange it as best I could, given the options, I still have classes 5 days a week (alas, no Fridays off for me!) and on Tuesday and Friday, I go to uni for 1-2 hours only. Not forgetting the three-hour break I have on Wednesdays. On the bright side, however, I only need to get up for 9am classes from Tuesday to Thursday. Mondays start at 11am, and Friday at... 2pm.

I feel like a worker drone.

But I guess it's my own fault for picking weird units to study. Weird units get weird time slots, and the "mainstream" subjects get the "normal" time slots. In My Humble Opinion, anyway. But it's pretty obvious when the tutorial classes for Media, Culture, Power and Media Texts are pretty darn packed, whereas the classes for Malaysian Cinema and Radio & TV Journalism are so empty that there's still places left in both tutorials. And the fact there are only TWO tutorials speaks volumes about how little volume there will be in the register as well!

Class starts on Monday. In 4 days. Wheee! I'm really quite looking forward to it. Here's hoping YSK takes a backseat and my academic life grabs hold of that steering wheel again.

But ooops! Before that, exam results are to be released Thursday evening! Monash tells us they'll be released on Friday, but it's a lie - the results will be released the day before. Hahahha.

But before that! I get to watch the piranhas being fed tomorrow at 11.15am! And see the scary scary sharks swim past me, while I'm protected by a few inches of glass. I feel like such a little risk-taker! Going to Aquaria is starting to feel like participating in extreme sports.

I hear there's a thing you can do at Aquaria called Shark Diving. Literally diving with the sharks. Like omg right?! At 3pm, there's shark feeding at the Aquatheatre. Oooh! I think just watching that is thrilling enough for me... no need to dive with the sharks!

Just makes me wonder... Did they not watch JAWS?