Thursday, 9 July 2009

O M G !

I've finally watched the last seven episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2! And yes, seven episodes in one sitting - because it was That Good. I love Serena Van Der Woodsen a.k.a. Blake Lively!

And now I'm just waiting for Season 3. Which I will beg Daddy to download the moment September 14th rolls around! Aaaah! :D I can't believe Hilary Duff is joining the show! I want Lindsay Lohan! And fingers crossed that Dan and Serena get back together - they belong together.

Phew! Okay, bimbotic nasal gushing aside - yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the car, waiting for Mummy to buy pork noodles/Indian rojak (I forget which) and reading the copy of The Star she bought and tossed at me (with a specific instruction: "READ") - and I discovered that my alma mater (*cough* SMKDJ *cough*) lost the Cheer 2009. Awwww.

Not that I ever went to Cheer 2001/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9. Or had any part to play at all in the cheerleading teams that dominated my high school. :D

But still! Part of the SMKDJ legend is that our cheerleaders always win! Whether debates, public-speaking and choral-speaking competitions that enlist people like yours truly, or cheerleading competitions that recruit the fittest, most toned - and most of the time, most popular - girls (and boys!) in the school - my school always won.

So it's a little sad that they got like 5th place this year. Awww. Although I find it kinda funny that I'm so disconnected from my high school that I had to read about the major blow to the SMKDJ ego in the darn paper. What do I know about the current affairs of my secondary school? Like, nothing!

Ah well. At least I know a li'l more about the current affairs in the world each day that goes by. :D I think my 3-day intensive study of What Happened In The World in March-April 2009 for my journalism exam really paid off - in the sense that it actually cultivated an interest of current affairs for me. :P

Anywho. In the morning, I'm going out with Jenny and Shangari. :D Girls' day out! Friday is my day with Mummy. :D Whatever we do, I have to get that belt from Kitschen. :D I've sold two of my belts already for it! And Saturday is Shaza Day! My official shopping kaki is free from home quarantine. Hahahaha! And she's sent me like ten thousand text messages with the words "LET'S GO OUT!" while I was watching Gossip Girl. So uncool.