Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Relaxation for RM28

My Little Book of Calm says:
"Develop a taste for fish. Why are fish so relaxing to watch? Because they move slowly and, perhaps more importantly, because they breathe slowly. Merely watching them is like gazing on a seascape."
Guess where this happy camper is heading tomorrow? :D

I wanna see the piranhas and the sharks! And that cute widdle bubble-mouthed sea creature pictured above. :D Like a true tourist, I went through the whole KLAquaria website and read the snippets of info with an enraptured stare in my eyes.

I even called up information (dialling the wrong number in the process and confusing the receptionist at Hotel Maya for two whole minutes) to ask if they were open tomorrow. Just in case!

This is how part of the conversation went -
Me: For the RM28 ticket with MyKad, do I need to bring my real IC or can I bring a photocopy?
Lady: Yes, it's ok.
Me: (Pause. That doesn't answer my question!) Err, so do I need to bring my real IC?
Lady: It's ok, the RM28 is for locals. If you're a local, you don't need to pay foreigners' ticket.
Me: (That still doesn't answer my question, but okay..) Ok, so I'll just bring my photostat IC.
Lady: Yes, it's ok.