Wednesday, 22 July 2009

To throw or not to throw.

Hissy fits are for divas and five-year-olds, but I'm this close to succumbing to one due to yet another backout buyer.

To those who aren't familiar with online shopping terminology, "backout buyers" tell you they want to buy something, and right before you meet for COD (Cash On Delivery) or before they pay you, they tell you that they don't want it anymore - or can't buy it.

This "backout buyer" phenomenon occurs more commonly for COD arrangements, because money has not been committed yet - although the seller obviously will have taken the trouble to arrange the meet-up, especially on matters of transportation.

And for the record, backout buyers = time-wasters. They waste your time, they waste your effort, and they waste the possibility of someone else purchasing the product that they booked.

Another general mutation of the "backout buyer" species: MIA customers.

Welcome to the dark side of shopping. :)