Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Artsy fartsy phase of Hellos and Goodbyes.

I'm in an artsy-fartsy phase. Because my assignment-driven week is being a real fart.

Spoils from this week and last week (it's really just 2 tops):

Off-shoulder slouchy white top from Parsealed,
Artsy colourful vintage-inspired tank dress from Doublewoot.
The Doublewoot one should be arriving in the post tomorrow. Wheeee.

I also said goodbye to my Cute Granny vintage blazer today. :(
Sold it off and posted it out to Shah Alam this morning.

But I really want to say "Hello!" to this quirky dress:

From Andmoreagain

For once, it looks long enough to be a dress for me. Will it be mine? Oh, I don't know. Will edit this blog later if it does. :)

(Edit 22 August: I don't want it anymore! :( I realised it's a maxi dress, not a knee-length dress. Hahaha luckily I realised it before I went and ordered it!)

I have approximately 8 hours to complete my Media Texts essay.
Tomorrow and Thursday, I have to do my Radio & TV Journalism assignment.
On Friday, I have to hand both in.

Where are the happy pills?