Sunday, 30 August 2009

"But Dr M(erdeka), we need therapy!"

The 2 most common forms of therapy in Malaysia are ...
Food and shopping. :D

Sushi King with Sher Lyn and Carmen! :D Yeah... you should know by now that I like to make people hold menus for photos. :P

I don't remember what my food was called, but it was delicious. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! It was rice and egg and tempura prawn thingy and soup. Pretty good deal for only RM12.90 :)

Although it doesn't beat the nasi lemak I ate this morning for RM3.80 - breakfast with the Yees, hahahahaha - but how can I compare when Ivan's (Carmen's bro) girlfriend and I both found hairs in our rice and sambal respectively? :( Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And then when we told the lady, she just took the hair away. That's all. :( In America this would be a lawsuit!

So yeah - my day began with me crashing the Yees' visit to a temple near Assunta and MBPJ - an ancestral prayer ritual thing in conjunction with the ongoing Hungry Ghosts' Festival... then breakfast with the Yees... and then some hardcore window-shopping at 1-Utama. :D

I was so happy to be out and about again. :D Although 10% of the people in 1U were wearing masks. But by the end of the day I felt like crying because my feet were killing me. This must have been like the 9808109893482th time I swore I would never wear high heels for shopping again! :(

Speaking of shoes... Carmen and I bought the same pair of shoes (in different sizes) from JUSCO today, and I was so pleased with them (only RM39 for a comfy pair of inky black, faux leather flats)... but then when I showed them to mum, she pointed out that they look like kungfu shoes.

And she's right! :( I don't know why I didn't notice before :( Looks like I'll be wearing kungfu shoes to all my journalism tutorials - since my tutor said we have to wear shoes. Not flip-flops or sandals or heels, otherwise we're not allowed to use the equipment. :( I wanted more options than my sneakers and yellow goofers ... so now I have a pair of black kungfu shoes too.

But I'm still happy because I bought five fun headbands! :D

The multi-coloured one is from Bonita, for only RM5 - they're selling SO many there, it was like a haven of strings and headbands (and bags going for unbelievably cheap - bags I saw selling online for RM50+ were retailing in Bonita for RM30+ coz of the sales!).

And the plastic-like braided headbands I bought from Diva... haha, despite knowing that Diva in Malaysia is a li'l overpriced... but it was 4 headbands for RM29, and I really like them lah :P They're sweet :) And the rubber was just perfect - not too tight at all.

So... yay! :) Food and shopping therapy is always, always a breath of fresh air!