Monday, 3 August 2009

A little bird told me ...

I'm pretty mad at Monash University Sunway campus right now. Jenny just told me that there's a student from the Engineering School who's suspected of having contracted H1N1 Influenza A (more commonly, albeit inaccurately, know as "Swine Flu") - note how I'm very deliberately putting all the keywords in this blog post so that it becomes easily Google-able.

The suspected-of-having-H1N1 student is male and wearing a blue mask on campus. His classmates are wearing orange masks.

Then it suddenly made sense to me why Eka (my friend from today's Media Texts tutorial) was asking me why there were a whole bunch of students wearing masks in the library.

So I did some research Googling, wondering how on earth I could have missed this red alert if it was covered by the press - only to find, of course, that it's gone completely unnoticed on all official portals - and the only searches that turned up were for blogs by other Monash students.

Exhibit A: *Click here*
Exhibit B: *Click here*

I have some questions for Monash:

1. Why weren't we informed?
My friends and I didn't receive any e-mails from the Monash administration about any suspected H1N1 case(s) in our university. The Engineering students seem to have received e-mails. What is that suppposed to mean? Do they hang out in a roped-off part of campus and won't come into contact with students from other schools? Are you kidding me? The entire school should be informed.

2. What is the student in question still doing on campus?
The e-mail posted up in one of the exhibit links above clearly states that the student is supposedly off-campus during recovery period. If the student is off-campus, why did Jenny walk right past by him today? Why did all the e-mails appear on the blogs TODAY, August 3rd?

I hope this isn't a classic case of the university trying to cover things up.