Saturday, 22 August 2009

Singin' in the Rain (What a glorious feeling, and I'm happy again)

Hilarious paradox of the day: first assignment for Media Texts is an essay on Six Feet Under - which is probably the most death-obsessed TV show ever made, and has such dark undertones that it could easily lull its viewer into morbid depression ...

Second assignment for Media Texts (a.k.a. the absolute-cannot-fail major essay) is an essay on Singin' In The Rain. Just about the most cheerful, break-into-song-at-any-moment, feel-good, it's-a-wonderful-world film ever made!

Plus you're probably familiar with that iconic Gene Kelly snapshot:

Unfortunately, I don't get to start on that essay until at least 2 weeks from now. :( Why? Because I've got my first Media, Culture & Power essay due this coming Thursday - and then a presentation and a film studies essay pitch the following week.

Well. At least nobody can ever say Monash School of ASS graduates can't handle their deadlines.

Photo of myself I found from Vanessa's blog :P