Friday, 21 August 2009

Ring the DIY Bells!

Life is all about setting goals! :D

Here are my DIY goals for this year:

1. A small red bow
I want to pin it on my shirt and bag! So adorable.
But Mum says we need to look for the material.
So that's gonna be one of my DIY hunts!

2. Stud my black gladiator flats
However, I have a sinking feeling this isn't possible for my existing glads, because it isn't wide enough to accomodate the studs. :(

3. Stud my asymmetrical vest
Remember that asymmetrical vest I wore to my first (and sadly, only) trip to KLPAC? Totally perfect for that rocker vibe. So I shall stud. it. up! :D

Picture credits to Miss OCD in Shopping

4. My own handmade studded belt
Ever since I saw how Yasmine made hers, I totally want to make one myself! :D And that DIY ambition seems possible, what with Rosalyn's help getting silver studs for me and Mandy's recommendations on where to buy elastic belts in SS2. Fingers crossed it'll all be 100% possible real soon! I'm so excited!

I totally don't know how to make this hook part, but maybe Mum knows how :D

Picture credits to Yasmine Tran

5. Studded denim shorts
Oooh, did I not mention? I finally took the plunge and cut up an old pair of my denim jeans! :D Frayed ends, silver studs along the pockets, stonewashed shades ... sounds cool ya? :DD LOL let's see how mine will turn out!

And non-DIY goodies that I'll be receiving end of next week! :D
So bluuee!

Peekatallys | Girls Vitamin

And colourful! :D

Lost in Fashion | Shorty's Cup of Tea

There you have it, my personal Merdeka celebration :P

Today in journalism tutorial, we learnt how to fix up the tripod and mount the camera. :D And in film tutorial, my group finally decided and 100% confirmed what our film is gonna be for our final project! Plus we pitched it to Mr Benjamin, and he said he loves it, so yayyy! I won't blog more about its details here until after this semester is over though - but I will, next time! :)

Have a good weekend! I'm gonna go watch Talentime now. SO HAPPY.