Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Waiter, there's an Encore in my soup!

Less than nine hours.
Both dresses sold off :)

Black studded dress and accompanying studded belt to May Ching.
Yellow maxi dress to Sarah Chew (Phelauwer!).

The maxi dress is still with me though,
haven't worked out delivery detail yet.
Hehe both also happened to be sold to my friends wan.

Now I'm wondering if I should take this unit as my last elective.
Sounds like fun! Wish I had a friend taking it with me though. :(


Leez said...

although it sounded fun and it's quite easy to pass, i didn't really like intro to ebiz. maybe cos of the lecturer, or maybe cos of the 13 pages of lecture notes provided for some weeks (which were all actually quite useless in the end). for something more challenging (equals fun?) try consumer behaviour. i really learned a lot from that. :)

haha this is tasty cherry chapstick btw. *waves*