Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The great shopaholic tragedy.

I received both the black studded dress (and belt) and the yellow maxi dress in the post today. But instead of having occasion to rejoice, I'm grieving over the fact that I have to let both of them go (i.e. sell them off). :( *CLICK HERE*

The black studded dress is, as dreaded, wayyyy too tight for me at the hips. :( I was thinking of just keeping it til I like lost 50 pounds or something - but luckily May Ching asked me if she could buy it off me. Haha. So she's getting a spanking cool studded dress (PLUS studded belt!) for a steal of RM50.

As for the yellow maxi dress, it wasn't quite what I was looking for. :( Which means I'm still on the search for the perfect yellow maxi dress. Which also means Mummy says I have to let this one go. After I made her promise me that that would mean I would have license to seek the perfect yellow maxi. You guys are my witnesses!

But it's been a whole hour and nobody's enquired about the yellow maxi dress yet. Dang! The last time I put up one of my many studded belts for sale on Shop At YSK, I sold it within the hour.

I wonder why I'm about to start writing an essay on realism when I am the queen of unrealistic expectations. :(

PS: I ripped my maroon tights today. Didn't I tell you I have a gift of breaking things? Anyway, everyone in The Curve and TESCO was staring at me. :( Apparently wearing a Tinkerbell-inspired tank dress with maroon pantyhose and flat black gladiators is not considered normal in Malaysia. I love that I don't care :)


may said...

I ♥ the studded tunic too! Thanks for selling it to me :P