Sunday, 13 September 2009

Growing up.

Last night was the worst night of the year for me... and it's all my fault! I don't blame anyone for what happened, because it wasn't John's fault (he's my collaborative support contact) even though he feels super bad about what happened.

I don't even blame, although they really should issue a WARNING that when you change your domain from to just plain .com, you lose the links on your blogrolls.

Yup. Three thousand glorious links to a multitude of blogshops... eight months of work... poof! Gone with the wind. In less than one minute.

So, yeah, I was pretty devastated. Like my whole virtual reality was crumbling down around me. And then I tried to face this with as much maturity as I could, and now I'm 80% over it. I'm just going to start linking blogshops again, one by one, from scratch. Wasn't there a saying somewhere that being a grown-up is being able to lose everything, and then start all over again?

Like the spider story. You know, the one where the spider weaves the web, then someone comes along and destroys it (in this case, I'm both the spider and the itchy-fingered destroyer), but the spider just spins its web all over again?

Also, this further reaffirms my decision to stop blogging on YSK once 2009 ends. New year, fresh start, time to concentrate more on studies and take on new hobbies! The blog'll still be there, and it belongs to me, so that's cool. Don't know about the .com version, but blogspot's one will still be there, and I guess another transition from .com back to blogspot will kill all the blogrolls again... but whatever. If I can face it once, I can deal with it again.