Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Up, down, and sideways.

What I'm about to say is the most unoriginal quote about life, but it's true:
Life is a bloody rollercoaster ride.
Up: FlyFm & NST & Dot Com.
Down: Screwed up Dot Com transition. Lost 3000+ links.
Up: Recovered links by switching back to blogspot.
Down: Lost 500 links coz I deleted them, thinking the blogrolls were empty.
Up: Got both Dot Com and Blogspot running together.
Down: Wasted weekend and still a li'l traumatised.
Up: Lecturer gave everyone extension for Media Texts Assignment 2.
Down: Got back Media Texts Assignment 1. Rather disappointing grade that jeopardises scholarship.
Up: Lecturer gave everyone an extension for Media, Culture, Power Assignment 2.
Down: New deadline is during our mid-semester break! Have to go to uni just to hand in essay.
Up: Mummy bought me my very first Forever21 dress. :D

So I guess I should say, because life has so many ups and downs...
Life is all about moving sideways.

My dress is like this, but in different colours! :D