Thursday, 3 September 2009

"How To Shop Online 101"

Good morning, class.

Lesson one: Always compare prices.
Lesson two: Learn where to shop.

Splash paint long top, Goss:ps RM69
Studded belt, Goss:ps RM15

Neon Mania, Parsealed RM38
Studded belt, Parsealed Free!

In Goss:ps' defense, I guess you could say they're a physical boutique in Bangsar's notorious Jalan Telawi - which justifies the RM46 price difference. But knowing that isn't going to stop me from getting mine (in groovy black!) from Parsealed :P

PS: Thursday night and I find the same tank dress *here* as well - but for RM50 RM45. Haha.
PPS: Saturday - spotted the same dress in Sungei Wang's 6th floor for RM129! Omg! And without studded belt.
PPPS: Monday - spotted the same tank dress in Piper Lips for RM42. Whoa, this dress is popping up all over! :D