Saturday, 5 September 2009

"Our country is officially in a recession." - Shangari.

Random photo: My broadcast journalism groupmates - Jin and Ai. :)

Not-so-random pics: My shopping kakis today! :D

We didn't actually buy anything from McDonald's, hahahah, but we crashed there to rest our aching feet and calculate the total damage we'd made to our wallets :P

Shangari brings her CASIO calculator everywhere she goes.

Dinner and buka puasa in Sakae Sushi! We walked from Sg Wang all the way to Pavillion... and Sakae Sushi was the only place left with available seats - the entire Pavillion was filled with people having dinner and breaking fast. Note-to-self: Don't have dinner outside during breaking-fast time unless we've reserved a table or something. o.O

The coolest thing about Sakae Sushi: the digital order forms! It was so cool - but kinda annoying because you have to use the computer screen to place your orders. I could hear people at other tables panicking when they order the wrong things, lol! (We panicked too.)

Oh, and the food is good too! :D The sushi on the conveyor belts were a li'l overpriced ... but the dishes in the menu were okay - as affordable as Sushi Zanmai!

So I guess what I wanted to say is... I love Sungei Wang! Where else can you find two floral dresses for RM25 each, a floral zipper dress (that fits you!) for RM29, and a white bohemian babydoll for RM26.90? And please don't say Times Square. All tourists of the world should totally come to Sungei Wang (and Times Square) to shop! :D

I think the tourists of the world know it too, because I saw so many tourists today! The only uncool part was when someone sneezed in the lift, and Shaza's eyes nearly popped out in panic. We were all thinking the same thing:

"OMG. H1N1."

On a final note, notice how Shaza, Shangari and I are so muhibah? :P How often can you find that perfect combo set of Malay, Indian, and Chinese? :D Also, we have the "Dan Lain-Lain" because Shaza is technically 90% "Dan Lain-Lain".

It's because we're 1Malaysia! :P

P.S: Shopping and recycling are our ways of helping the economy.